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LT4 (120A) Brushless ESC Sensorless Sensored with USB Flash/Programmer

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LT4 (120A) Brushless ESC Sensorless Sensored with USB Flash/Programmer
LT4 (120A) Brushless ESC Sensorless Sensored with USB Flash/Programmer
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The LT4

A new software version has been released.  Be sure all USB links are updated to the current version as well as ESC's.  
The USB Flash/Programmer connects directly to your computer using BHR's latest software which includes different data bases you can flash to which enable different ESC capabilities.   One data base is specifically designed to meet ROAR "Blinky" racing requirements.
High Speed Fans for hard driving racing. 
For instructions, latest notes and software link, please click LT4 Instructions in the title bar.  
Note: V1 Purchasers use code " lt4upgrade " and get the lt4 120 for $60.  Have the USB and need a another LT4?  Get it now !!
Direct-connect USB Flash/Programmer and software 


No program card or program box needed, USB Flash/Programmer connects directly to your computer


Brushless Hobbies latest software includes 6 different data bases you can flash to which enable different ESC capabilities.   


Suggested for us in 1/8 , 1/10 RC Trucks\Cars, wheelie bars optional.


The output,  a motor melting continuous 120A,  true 640 Burst for 10 seconds... a tweakerís dream.

Compatible with all sensorless brushless motors and most sensored brushless motors.


SBEC 5.85V/3A built-in BEC


Technical-What's inside: Why don't others list this?


Internal Resistance: 0.0006 Ohm

24 Toshiba (Japan) FETs rated @ 30V, ~0.006  (U-MOS VII-H) The very latest tech 8 pin FETS available featuring High-Speed switching

Small gate change: QSW = 14 nC (typ.) produces very low noise


The result? Excellent start-up, smoooth performance



Low drain-source on-resistance: RDS(ON) = 2.6 mΩ (typ.) (VGS = 4.5 V)

Low leakage current: IDSS = 10 μA (max) (VDS = 30 V) Enhancement mode;

Silicon Labs (Austin Texas) USB, 48 MIPS, 64 kB Flash, 10-Bit ADC, 32-Pin Mixed-Signal MCU (The ESC Brains) doesn't get any better than this !!!
What's New
Highest qualtity Ferrite core coil reciever lead for todays high powered electronics
Inside the case-highest quality ferrite encapsulated inductor on a redesigned component board for the smooooooothest power you have come to expect.
And of coarse the latest SBEC system providing low heat, high efficiency reciever and servo power regardless of battery voltage.  Circuit supplies 6V to fan, no need to move lead to reciever for higher voltages
Rounded out with a pair of Rubycon (Japan) 470uF 25v Capacitors


General Motor Recommendations
7.4V Lipo (4-6S NIMH)
On Road, Greater than 4.5T

Off Road, Greater than 6.5T


11.1V Lipo (7-8S NIMH) general motor recommendation
On Road, greater than 6.5T

Off Road, greater than 9.5T


(testing is ongoing with 4S......getting real close!!)

Note: This is for reference only. Car type, stock Gearing, custom gearing, tire size battery used, servo are among many things that make successful performance.  Refer to your car specifications and build carefully before ordering.


Physical Specifications (80A and 120A)


44mm 37mm 30mm (Cooling fan height included)

Weight: 72g (Cooling fan included)



Overall Features


Exotic, multiple capabilities.  Settings include boost Timing and turbo timing functions.  

Automatically switches to sensorless mode when sensor cable is not used.


Turbo mode after initial roll out can be set to occur and adjustable by RPM level. In other words, the best of both worlds equal more power and speed. Delay and other advanced settings as well.


Software upgradable (flash able). All settings are adjustable through the included BH USB Flash/ Programmer which directly connects the ESC to your computer, no program card or program box needed.  BH software program includes 6 BH ESC special tuned software data bases, 3 modes per data base for a mind bending 216 adjustable items not counting levels per item.  Confused yet :-) 
Each ESC is personlly stress tested and set to 508 (blinky) software data base before shipping.  Tune up from there in steps, not down.


Easily field programmed by any of the following means (1) Set button at on\off switch (2) program card (3)  2 in 1 box. 
Use included USB Flash/Programmer and change data bases and all settings right on your computer screen.  The number of settings available lets you adjusts easily to different motors, tracks and vehicle styles. 
Multiple protection features: Low voltage cut-off protection/ Over-heat protection/ Throttle signal loss protection/ Motor jammed protection.


Splash and Dust Resistant

Extrene firmware and software upgrades and downgrades made while hooked directly to your computer for easy viewing.   Available only from Brushless Hobbies !!!!


Box includes the following:   

1 x LT4 120A Sensored\Sensorless Brushless ESC

1 x USB Flash/Programmer (unless using discount code)

1 x sensor cable for sensored motors



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Rating Principle Computer Systems Engineer
Excellent Speed control, simple to program with the handheld programmer. I have ran my Associated SC10 for 50 minutes on tight off road track running a 7.5 Brushless motor. The speed control works exceptional
Reviewed by:  from Clinton MA. - 1/11/2013
Rating Great ESC, I now have 2!!
I run these in my T-Maxx conversions and they do great on 3S lipo. No issues at all and the discount is nice also.
Reviewed by:  from Louisiana . - 3/30/2014
Rating 120 amp
Running in a sc10.2 with a 9.5 motor very pleased with product and performance
Reviewed by:  from ark. - 3/12/2014
Rating Great ESC
Running it in a Slash 4x4 with 2s LiPo and a 3930kv motor. The SSC stays cool and the fan works very well. Acceleration is very smooth, and the programming is awesome! The price is better than perfect!
Reviewed by:  from Bay Area. - 1/27/2014
Rating Excellent
I now have two of these, and I have nothing but good things to say about them. Excellent product, exceeds my expectations in every way. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for an esc, you won't be disappointed
Reviewed by:  from Columbia, South Carolina. - 8/20/2013
Rating Cant be beat!!
I have always believed that you get what you pay for...well after running this esc with absolutely zero troubles i am going to send this link to Team Novak so they can see what a speed control should be..... Trust me on this,i have run rc's for over 25 yrs and have NEVER ran a better esc!!!
Reviewed by:  from Idaho. - 7/3/2013
Rating Great!
Will buy another
Reviewed by:  from So Cal. - 7/1/2013
Rating LT4(120amp) esc
I could not have asked for a better product. Great bang for the buck! I will be purchasing another one in the near future.
Reviewed by:  from center valley,PA. - 6/26/2013
Rating LT4 (120A) Brushless ESC
So far so good. I had to do some research to figure out how to wire the ESC up to the motor (others informed me that there are indicators on the ESC for A, B and C, but mine had nothing). For future reference and to make it a little easier for others with the same issue: Blue = A, Yellow = B, Orange = C. I've upgraded the dongle and ESC to the latest blinky firmware and am using the default settings still. I'm running this ESC with a SchuurSpeed 4300kv motor in a Tekno SCT410 and a Savox 1258TG servo without any problems thus far. The car made it through its first race day dead last (of the cars that made it to the finish anyway), but that's because I'm a rookie driver and not the fault of my equipment.
Reviewed by:  from Iowa. - 6/5/2013
Rating Great Value
I bought my first LT4 several months ago and it has been flawless. I run it in an OFNA TS4 and I can't see the value in buying a $200 or more esc to do what I do, casual racing at track and bashing. There are other cheaper escs direct from overseas but it is nice to deal with someone in the USA. Next on my list of things to get are BH batteries. Thanks Stan.
Reviewed by:  from Monson, MA. - 6/1/2013
Rating Awesome esc
I can't say enough about the 120a esc, I was using the Novak GTB2 . And was always getting blowen away by the tekins at my track, I came across this esc while web surfing bought one and guess what now I'm blowing the tekins away . And Stan has been really helpful trust me you won't be disappointed with this esc.
Reviewed by:  from Hutchinson Kansas . - 5/14/2013
Rating Racer
I have always been a hardcore castle guy . I have 3 associated sc10s an sc10b and a b4.1 worlds car. I wanted to run a sensored set up in my b4 and I have seen nothing but great reviews for the lt4 so I figured why not . I did not want to pay castle price for a mamba that's for sure . I have to tell you I have ran a castle 1406 4600kv unsensored and a turnigy 9.5 sensored motors with it and it doesn't even get warm . I have been very impressed with the lt4 performance . I just orders a back up esc on Saturday and it was in my mailbox on Monday . Unbelievable ! Keep up the great customer service and great products and you will defiantly have a long term customer here . The only suggestion I have is maybe in the future make up some combo motor esc kits . Seems to be the way a lot of your younger racers like to go .
Reviewed by:  from Milton twp Ohio. - 5/6/2013
Rating excellent buy
What can I say, this ESC is nothing less than spectacular. It handles any 540/550 size motor I throw at it easily. It has never gotten hot and performs as good or better than expected each and every time. This is actually my second one and am thinking of buying a third one. I recommend this ESC for anyone needing a speed controller for any 1/10th scale vehicle running 2 or 3s.
Reviewed by:  from kentucky. - 5/6/2013
Rating Lt4
Bought a couple to try and they have exceeded my expectations! Don't know if I will be buying anymore rx8's. Just ordered 3 more. Thanks for a awesome budget friendly product! Will probably be ordering more once 4s testing is done and approved by Stan.
Reviewed by:  from Sacramento, CA. - 4/30/2013
Rating Lt4 120
Im running the Lt4 in a tlr scte 2.0 with a HW4700kv. Temps are fine 110 deg on esc. I did install new motor wires, the stock wires were too short for the scte 2.0 lay out. this is my second Lt4. i would recomend this esc for any 10th scale, even heavy sct's.
Reviewed by:  from St Charles, MO. - 4/28/2013
Rating LT4 120A ESC
I run this esc in a 2wd SC10 with a 3300kv reedy motor. I have not been in the RC world long, but I am amazed at how easy this esc is to operate, and take apart and clean. Stan is absolutely amazing when it come to customer service. One of the best experiences I have had with a product. I will probably not buy anywhere else and will recommend his product to everyone I know. Thanks again Stan for an excellent product and customer service.
Reviewed by:  from San Diego, CA. - 4/16/2013
Rating LT4 120A ESC
I really hope that Stan will produce the waterproof version of this awesome LT4 ESC. I have paired it with 10.5T motor from BHR. It's smooth and the punch is great!!! Thank You, Stan!
Reviewed by:  from Singapore. - 4/15/2013
Rating Awesome!
I got two of these and can't believe how amazing they work. I was a little worried about the price since it was so cheap, but they are well worth every penny! Thanks again Stan for everything! I will have another order for my other cars shortly!
Reviewed by:  from Las Vegas, NV. - 4/8/2013
Rating LT4's - why buy anything else?
On my 4th LT4 (120A) and zero problems. Running 2 in my kids VTA cars with Novak spec 25.5 motors and two in Losi 22 buggies with 17.5T LRP motors and nothing but speed! I see other guys at the tracks bragging about their $200 speed controls and just smile. :) Thanks Stan! -Rich
Reviewed by:  from SW Florida. - 4/3/2013
Rating LHS operator
I've been putting this esc thru its paces for the past few months and I have to say I am really impressed, I even had a motor burnout on me with no signs of damage to the esc. ive been running it in my custom rock crawler and the adjustability is phenominal. keep these great products comin'
Reviewed by:  from Steinbach, MB,CA . - 3/27/2013
Rating Need motor recommendations forLT4
Hi there, I'm am completely new to the hobby and would like some advice on what motor to run with the LT4. I have a rc10b4.2 and now the LT4 to go with it. Still need motor, battery and servo. Please advise on motor. Will probably start by racing stock. Thanks, Paul
Reviewed by:  from Cali. - 3/25/2013
Rating Profesional
A great esc smooth as butter and with the software it is possible to tune justas you darn well please., I like this esc. I will be purchasing more from BHR.
Reviewed by:  from Panama City Florida. - 3/24/2013
Rating retired
Recently purchased lt4 ESC as well as some of Stans motors , they have performed flawlessly and the service from Stan has been Great. Looking forward to continue the use BHR products in the near future.
Reviewed by:  from norther Cal.. - 3/21/2013
Rating Lt4 the best value ESC on market
after i only buy mamba max pro, but when a racer tell me about the Lt4 i buy one to chek it, and its simply y change all my mamba max pro, 3 esc Lt4 order on 3 weeks, i use them with viper vst 6.5T on dex410, and on 2 hyper 10tt with 550 novak ballistic 4.5T all run and performance great!
Reviewed by:  from Colombia, Medellin. - 3/20/2013
Rating LT4 120A
This Is a Quality ESC I ran it the last two weeks in my SC10ft in 17.5 Blinky It has a lot of punch. Just what I needed to clear the triple. I have had a Third and a First place finish since I upgraded to the LT4 120A. I will definitely purchase another one next time I need an ESC. As for customer service Stan is great to deal with. He is very knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you for providing a great product at a price that is easier on the wallet.
Reviewed by:  from Simi Valley, California. - 3/18/2013
Rating Owner Driver of R.C. Cars
The Speed Control is just what I expected by when I open the boxes of the two purchased there was no USB Flash Programmer in either box Not sure if that was supposed to be included, but I think so. Have watched and talked to others that run these and they are a quality product. +++++++++++++++++Thanks! You ordered using the discount code which states it is for those who already have the USB link, hence the discount you used. Contact me to get one...Stan++++++++
Reviewed by:  from Warsaw Illinois . - 3/17/2013
Very nice product, extremely powerful. I love the programmability of this esc. So smooth and reliable.
Reviewed by:  from south east michigan. - 3/15/2013
Rating Awesome ESC!!
Smooth throttle response, insanely powerful brakes. Paired with a Tekin SC4X 4.5T motor in an SC10 4X4, ESC never got above 110 during a 15 minute practice session. Highly recommended, impossible to beat for the price!
Reviewed by:  from Elk Grove, CA. - 3/9/2013
Rating Simply Awesome
I got my first LT4 shortly after they released because I needed an ESC quick for my SC10 4x4. I was shocked at how well it ran. Being a Tekin guy I havent ever considered anything else, but not I have two of these guys. They are well worth using and trouble free as long as you follow the instructions.
Reviewed by:  from Gilbert, Az.. - 3/5/2013
Rating Impressive for the money
I Was considering the RX8 when I discovered the LT4 (120A). I was impressed with the reviews and decided to go with this one to get me back into the hobby. I have it in an SCTE 4x4 with a hobbywing 3656sd 4000kv and it runs it like a champ. Never had any problems. Temps are at <100f after full pack. Running stock 508 blinky.
Reviewed by:  from Puyallup, WA. - 2/25/2013
Rating LT4 Review
Great esc, this is my second one, first one is still going strong, these are the best deal going, thank you brushless hobbies.
Reviewed by:  from Seattle, Wa. - 2/19/2013
Rating Lt4 (120Amp)
So far so good. I run this in my B4.1 in 17.5 stock blinky with a trinity d3.5. esc has never come off over 105 degrees. Good ESC!!!!!!
Reviewed by:  from Topeka,Kansas. - 2/19/2013
Rating Review 120a LT4
product is truely great!. i used to run all Viper products untill i was introduced to this product, and i must say its 1/3 the price and has a better response than some of the higher end brands, A+ in my books i ordered another one and am only using these now :) thanks BHR for a good product. Zakk
Reviewed by:  from Las Vegas, NV. - 2/12/2013
Rating #2 works great too!!!!!!
Bought a second 120A LT4 and guess what.......IT WORKS!!!!!!!!! Love this little speedo, what a great value. I was running it in my 13.5 2wd buggy and it ran great, I just put it into my xxx-4 paired with a 7.5 and man does it haul the mail. #3 will be on it's way to my house very soon. Thanks for a great esc Stan
Reviewed by:  from Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. - 2/5/2013
Rating Love it
Fantastic ESC for my B44.2 -- buttery smooth and great braking. Easy to set up and solid. Every bit as good as my Novak Havoc Pro ESC but more programmable and cheaper. One piece of advice is to turn off the reverse if you are doing mid-air attitude corrections -- if you don't you may think you are getting brown outs as the ESC pauses to protect itself. Also, it works great with a Savox 1257. Have the 80a in my 2wd buggy and just ordered my third for my sons.
Reviewed by:  from Portland Oregon. - 1/29/2013
Rating BH 120A LT4
I am happy I decided to go with a smaller company for my ESC Choice. After a few weeks I had issue and shot Stan a email at midnight, I had a response before 1am, and he helped me with the fix, everything works great again! Wont find anything better in the price range!
Reviewed by:  from Elkhart, IN. - 1/27/2013
Rating Great ESC
This has been a great speed control. Very easy to program, setup, and works great. I like this one so much I just ordered a second esc.
Reviewed by:  from Clovis, CA. - 1/25/2013
Rating lt4 rave
This esc is more powerful and smoother than mamba max pro and took to waterproofing really well. Running in rc/sc8 trucks on 4s with large pinions in snow for 20-40 minutes at a time pack after pack without fail! I want another!
Reviewed by:  from utah. - 1/24/2013
Rating Great ESC
I installed this ESC in my 4x4 sc10. I have only raced once with the Speed Control. So far I am very happy with the product.
Reviewed by:  from Maine. - 1/21/2013
Rating Incdredibly Versatile
I use the LT4 120A in a Durango DESC410R with an old ICON 550 2-Pole 5000kv motor. It pushes the 6.5 pound truck on 2s all day without breaking a sweat. I have never had a glitch, brownout, or thermal in all of my sessions of racing. I am slowly converting my fleet of vehicles to all use this since it is small enough for just about any 1/10 scale application.
Reviewed by:  from Akron, OH. - 1/16/2013
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